Understanding your needs

We start by getting to know you and what it is that you want to achieve. We use our networks and research skills to develop an understanding of your market so we can quickly advise what ways of communicating with your customers and/or stakeholders will work best. This can involve qualitative and quantitative research, identifying trends, benchmarking competitors, PEST and SWOT analyses, and your own professional knowledge, brought to the fore by insightful and sensitive questioning. It all helps us to build a picture of where you are and to identify the best opportunities for meeting your goals.

In most cases, we share our insights in a report, along with recommendations for next steps. The report is a great way to see how your organisation is perceived and the impact of how you currently communicate with your customers, clients, competitors and stakeholders.

We hope our initial report will be just the start of your work with us, and that the evidence-based recommendations we make excite you.  We will then work with you to achieve greater understanding and interest in your business or organisation amongst the people that matter to you most.

Unravelling Complexity

We focus on the value and benefits that your service, product and brand can bring to your audiences, stripping away the jargon and always trying to answer their question of “What’s in it for me?”. We can transform specialist, technical content into information that is transferable to anyone and everybody. This is what brings rationale and consistency to your communications.

Reviewing or developing key messages is something we think is central to your strategic focus and how you present yourself to the world. During this process we place an emphasis on avoiding reams of jargon. We go for clarity and crispness, a well laid out journey of where you are, where you need to be and how to get there. We have lots of experience in running messaging workshops with staff of all levels.

Through experience, we have discovered that clients often know exactly what they want to do but lack the in-house expertise and experience. We can pull together a highly skilled team in a short amount of time to unravel the complexities in your organisation. We can help you to develop internal capability to support you in reaching your goals. For example, we can help you conduct a skills audit of your current communications team, produce a development programme to embed knowledge in your ranks, or run a recruitment programme to get the right people in.

Captivating your audience

Every organisation is different and so every piece of communication you do needs to be uniquely tailored to your specific goals and audience.

We will work with you to get content to where it needs to be, manage the delivery of a campaign strategy and tactics, and handle real-time monitoring to understand how it’s being received. We will bring capability and agility to react to the opportunities we hadn’t foreseen, as well as engaging with the stakeholders we knew would respond.

In our collective experience we’ve led and delivered a huge variety of campaigns. We can help formulate a successful campaign that will effect change, and manage the measurement of that change, whether it’s an integrated national campaign across on and offline channels, or a focused project to build your reputation.

We also work on specific shorter-term projects. This might involve making an immediate impression in an unknown sector, or trying out a new digital tactic, without the relative risk of investing in new staff. Sometimes, it’s just about giving a challenge a fresh pair of eyes.

Whatever we are working on, and over whatever timeframe, we always set clear and challenging KPIs that are linked to your specific aspirations. This is how our clients can tell that we’re delivering value for their money.

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Measurement & evaluation

From our background of managing large campaigns for UK government and private sector companies, we understand the importance of measurement. We understand that this is as important to a small start-up making an investment in profile-building, as it is to a large publicly funded organisation. Every penny counts and you want to understand that you are getting a good return on your investment.

We will work with you to develop measurable key performance indicators and ways of tracking change, within the parameters of your budget. We see this as an important element of any campaign, big or small, ensuring that metrics are developed in line with findings from the initial insight and analysis.