Communications Strategy

We start by understanding you and your needs. We then use our networks and research skills to develop an understanding of your market so we can quickly advise what ways of communicating with your customers and/or stakeholders will work best. This can involve qualitative and quantitative research, identifying trends, competitor benchmarking, PEST and SWOT analyses, and your own professional knowledge, brought to the fore by insightful and sensitive questioning. It all helps us to build a picture of where you are and to identify the best opportunities for meeting your goals.

In most cases, we share our insights in a report, along with recommendations for next steps. The report is a great way to see how your organisation is perceived and the impact of how you currently communicate with your customers, clients, competitors and stakeholders.

We hope our initial report will be just the start of your journey with us, and that the evidence-based recommendations we make excite you. We will then work with you to achieve greater understanding and interest in your business or organization amongst the people that matter to you most.

Campaign management

Every campaign is different, and across our collective experience we’ve led and delivered a huge variety. Whether you’re trying to make an immediate impression in an unknown sector, testing a new digital tactic, or looking at a fundamental change in your communications delivery, we can help formulate a successful campaign that will affect change and manage the measurement of that change, whether it’s an integrated national campaign across on and offline channels, or a focused campaign to build your reputation.

We will work with you to get the content to where it needs to be, manage the delivery of the campaign strategy and tactics and handle real-time monitoring to understand how it’s being received, bringing the capability and agility to react to the opportunities we hadn’t foreseen, as well as engaging with the stakeholders we knew would respond.

What we deliver flows from the strategic plan. This could be a holistic multi-media campaign, a specific piece of targeted PR, or market research. We like challenges and we have the skills to meet them – the specialist expertise that comes from a small agency but with the ability to scale up to deliver a complete communications solution.

Internal Communications

Of course, delivery isn’t just about talking to audiences outside the organisation. A lot of what we do for clients is building their internal capabilities, by helping to design and train their in-house team and introducing processes to maximise talent and resources. Where we do this best it is on a retained, long-term basis, allowing us to become part of the organisation, spotting opportunities or reacting to crises day-by-day.

Media Relations

Our founder, Emma worked for twelve years as a journalist before she moved into strategic communications, and all our associates have a vast amount of experience of targeting a broad range of traditional and digital media. So we understand how to engage audiences effectively; amplifying your story through the correct media is a cornerstone of what we do.

These days we’re as likely to be talking about you to bloggers as journalists; on social media alongside sector press; to other brands, as well as to broadsheets.

We run full-service press offices for some clients, being on hand to manage incoming enquiries as well as delivering stories proactively through our extensive network of close media contacts. We’ve had our fair share of front pages and in-depth features.

And when crises happen, we’re on hand to make sure our clients stay in control of their message and their reputations are protected.

Editorial Services

We pride ourselves on unravelling complexity and understanding your audiences. We believe that together, these two create successful editorial. We take a technical, or complicated subject and make it easy to understand, readable and, most importantly, lead to action.

With our team of experienced copywriters, we’re able to produce a wide range of content, for a variety of audiences and platforms. We can prepare different forms of copy for a whole campaign, or produce a single piece of editorial. We have experience of writing leaflets, articles, annual reports, case studies and web content, to name just a few.

Our flowing narrative will always lead to a goal. Whether that is directing people to a website, encouraging them to take part in a campaign, download an app, attend an event or read a report. Always at the forefront of our minds is what you, our client, want your editorial to achieve.

A complete communications solution in one place

We’ve highlighted our main specialities of service on this site, but there’s plenty more we can do. These include website design and build, SEO strategy and implementation, copywriting for traditional and digital media, branding, print design and fulfilment, data visualisation, photography, video production, and event programming and logistical management.

By giving you access to our small army of big experts, we truly can say that we’re a one-stop shop; by marshalling all our talent we’re unrestricted in the strategies we can suggest, and the tactics we can deliver. This gives us the freedom to focus on the best solution for our client, rather than letting a specific channel or discipline define the strategy.