We help our clients achieve great value by enabling them to position themselves in key markets, working with them to tailor their narrative to be understood by a wide range of stakeholders and audiences.

We are now over five years old but our story began some time ago. Our Founder and CEO, Emma Thwaites, says:

“Whatever is new, innovative or technologically cutting edge, I have always liked to be at the heart of it. I was part of a team that led the development of the BBC’s first fully digital broadcast centre and I edited one of the Corporation’s first regional online news sites.

I ran the department that brought 24/7 media monitoring to UK government in 2002 and I led the first digital crowd-sourced policy development exercise for the Cabinet Office. I’m now privileged to work with scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs that lead the world in some of today’s most exciting innovations.”

We are unapologetically small, with a core staff supported by a team of specialist associates who bring a range of skills and expertise that is uniquely designed to fit each individual brief.

We do not believe in pitching experience only to then deploy very junior staff when work gets underway. And we only ever take on as many clients as Emma Thwaites can personally advise.


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