360 Giving

Understanding their needs

360Giving is a not-for-profit startup, aiming to turn around the way both grantmakers such as charitable trusts and foundations, and grantees, primarily charities, use data on charitable funding. 360Giving is supporting all grantmakers to openly publish their grant data, specifically, the amount of funding grantees have been awarded, where in the UK the grantees are based, and in what sector they operate in. By opening up this data for anyone to access, use and share, 360Giving is aiming to create the foundations for more informed, effective and strategic grantmaking.

360Giving reached out to Thwaites to help it map, prioritise and target its audiences, and to review its online presence. This activity supported a drive to reach out to grantmakers and grantees about the benefits of publishing and using open grant data.

Unravelling their complexity

Thwaites developed an in depth audience engagement strategy for 360Giving which mapped, segmented and prioritised a wide range of groups and stakeholders, analysed their behaviours and attitudes towards funding data, and their preferred methods of communication. This strategy was driven by insight from 20 interviews with grantmakers, charities, think tanks and digital specialists conducted by Thwaites Communications, and extensive desk research and analysis. Sitting alongside the strategy, Thwaites developed a planner which listed conferences, seminars and other events which 360Giving could use as a platform to address, or network with, target groups and influencers.

The Thwaites team also advised on changes to the 360Giving website in order to make it more accessible and better reflect the organisation’s mission and key messages. This involved drafting new text for the homepage, developing case studies and FAQs, and providing guidance on a user’s journey through the site.

Emma and Helen quickly grasped our brief and developed a targeted, comprehensive engagement strategy; a series of case studies; and suggested changes to 360Giving’s website and other materials. Their strategy now sits alongside our wider business plan and has provided us with very valuable guidance during our outreach to grantmakers and grantees. Emma and Helen were prompt and responsive throughout the project.

Rachel Rank, CEO at 360Giving

Captivating their audience

The launch of the company secured over 100 pieces of high-value coverage including the FT, Economist, Times Higher Education and Tech Crunch. We managed recruitment of a PR agency and in-house communications team and created a solid, successful platform for them to build on.