Ctrl-Shift – Raising the profile of the Personal Data Economy conference 2015

Understanding their needs

Ctrl-Shift is a specialist consultancy which advises global brands on how they can put customer data back in the hands of the individual, building customer trust and developing new ‘Personal Information Management Services’ or PIMS. This new ‘Me2B’ economy, and ‘Growth Through Trust’, were the themes behind Ctrl-Shift’s 2015 annual conference. Ctrl-Shift appointed Thwaites Communications to raise the profile of the conference, the only one of its kind in Europe, and those of its sponsors by securing coverage and interviews in the business and industry press.

Unravelling their complexity

The Ctrl-Shift team are leading UK experts in how personal data can be used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, to increase customer loyalty and growth. But this dynamic new growth market is still relatively unknown to many business and technology journalists. Thwaites Communications worked with Ctrl-Shift to address this knowledge gap by creating a plain English crib sheet summing up what PIMS are, why they are important for businesses and customers, and what value they can bring to the UK economy – this was used alongside all media communications and materials for the conference.

Thwaites Communications also maximised use of high-profile conference speakers and partners such as O2, Barclays and Unilever, by including them in press materials and arranging media interviews for the event.

Finally, Thwaites Communications targeted marketing, business and technology correspondents, and influential bloggers, with a compelling narrative, and drafted opinion pieces for technology and marketing blogs, showing the impact of the personal data economy in different UK sectors.

Captivating their audience

In the days running up to the conference we secured journalist attendance and set up interviews with the Ctrl-Shift team and speakers. We also worked closely with the Chartered Institute for IT, to coordinate communications around their new polling research, revealing consumers increasingly want control over their data. In addition, we crafted a news story which pulled together the various speaker announcements and communicated the overarching narrative to the media in concise, clear language.

On the day itself 10 journalists attended, an excellent turnout, and Thwaites secured interviews with many of them. This resulted in 15 high quality articles focusing on a range of story angles, including pieces on the Forbes news site, The Drum and Computer Weekly.

Following the event, Thwaites set-up journalist briefings with national media who were unable to attend, including the FT and the Sunday Telegraph supplement Business Reporter.