Hard to reach medic recruits for Scotland

As part of work for NHS Education for Scotland to address a shortfall in recruits for Scotland, both in junior doctor and specialist posts. Using research we defined our target markets behaviour change drivers as ‘career progression/status’ and ‘work life balance’. From that we developed strong brand and content around the call the action.

We then deployed an integrated PESO campaign which was predominantly digital, filmed content, driving engagement with our core social media platforms (Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook) which led to the ScotMed recruitment website. We paid for targeted social media adverts across LinkedIn and Facebook and paid for advertising in the British Medical Journal and had a presence at key conferences.

Within the campaign period there was also a significant increase in numbers visiting the Scottish Training website.  We measured an uplift of 143.19% (9,336 vs 3,839) comparing the period of Feb-Mar 2016 and the same period of Feb-March 2015 which did not have social media support.

Crucially however the key statistics for us were:

  • The number of applications for junior doctor posts in Scotland rose by more than a quarter in 2016 there were 884 applications made, up from 696 in 2015 – a rise of 27%.
  • In terms of attracting doctors two years following graduation, we recruited 50 more doctors in 2016, compared to 2015, a 7% increase and in real terms. For specialist posts we have recruited 40 more doctors in 2016, compared to 2015 an 18% increase.