Web Science Institute

Understanding their needs

Since 2013, we’ve provided communications support to Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt at the Web Science Institute, and to his research project – SOCIAM – a five year, £6m programme led by the Universities of Southampton, Oxford and Edinburgh.

SOCIAM explores how Social Machines evolve “in the wild” and what factors influence their success and development. SOCIAM’s aim is to build both theory and practice to enable the creation of the next generation of Social Machines.

Unravelling their complexity

In the lead up to the Web Science Institute launch, SOCIAM had reached a critical stage in its work where information about the content, progress and aims of the five year project could be publicised more widely. Integral to this was a full rewrite/aesthetic facelift of the SOCIAM website and development of a new SOCIAM logo, which needed to be live in time for the WSI launch.

Captivating their audience

This work was undertaken concurrently with the engagement of key media who attended the event, including the BBC, The Economist, New Scientist, Daily Telegraph, Computer Weekly and the Association Press, as well as the development of key press pack material and the production of brand assets including presentations and pop-up banners. For many, the event introduced the theory of Social Machines for the first time and whilst the concepts can be challenging to convey, on-going work has led to a growing profile with pieces in The Sunday Times and The Independent.