World Wide Web Foundation

Understanding their needs

We worked with the Web Foundation and its consortium partners to announce the launch of the Open Contracting Data Standard in October 2014. This involved balancing the needs and wants of multiple stakeholders across several international timezones and ensuring that the launch achieved significant attention in the developed and developing worlds.

Unravelling their complexity

We worked to make a potentially challenging policy announcement accessible to wider audiences by using case studies of open contracting “in action” across the world. We developed tailored briefing for each of the countries where we were working and ensured that written materials were translated in to the native language. We used our stakeholder and project management expertise to ensure that all the partners involved were able to support the launch by disseminating the news across their own in-country networks.


Captivating their audience

We secured more than 40 pieces of high-quality on-message coverage, and a significant amount of social media buzz within the international development and open data communities on the day of the launch.

Professional, well-organised and with a strong news sense, Emma and her team are skilled at translating even the most technical topics into accessible material…and then using their potent network of contacts to ensure these messages reach the right audiences around the world.

Dillon Mann, Head of Communications,
World Wide Web Foundation