Understanding your needs

We start by getting to know you and what it is that you want to achieve. We use our networks and research skills to develop an understanding of your market so we can quickly advise what ways of communicating with your customers and stakeholders will work best. This can involve qualitative and quantitative research, identifying trends, benchmarking competitors, PEST and SWOT analyses, and your own professional knowledge, brought to the fore by insightful and sensitive questioning. It all helps us to build a picture of where you are and to identify the best opportunities for meeting your goals.

In most cases, we share our insights in a report, along with recommendations for next steps. The report is a great way to see how your organisation is perceived and the impact of how you currently communicate with your customers, clients, competitors and stakeholders.

We hope our initial report will be just the start of your work with us, and that the evidence-based recommendations we make excite you. We will then work with you to achieve greater understanding and interest in your business or organisation amongst the people that matter to you most.