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Lucian Hudson

Senior Associate

Lucian Hudson is a highly practiced strategic communications specialist. A trusted advisor to senior leaders, he helps them to manage relationships critical to achieving success. He has personally supported cabinet ministers, board chairs, chief executives and vice-chancellors.

As a communications chief in five large organisations, including the Foreign Office and The Open University, Lucian has been at the heart of international and national decision-making, business transformation and crisis management. As the UK Government’s chief spokesman at summits and ministerial meetings on climate change and sustainable development, he briefed international media and forged common purpose with other governments. As a senior executive at the BBC, he was a pioneer in establishing joint venture channels with international broadcasters. At the OU, he masterminded the PR launch of FutureLearn, the digital education platform serving millions of learners globally.

As a consultant, Lucian’s clients have included the NHS, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Lancashire Constabulary, Oxfam, Lloyds Bank, Royal Academy of Engineering and ProActive ReSolutions.

As Chair of Earthwatch Europe, Lucian is building international support for harnessing science and citizen engagement to save our natural world.

Lucian is currently the Interim Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Oxford University.

Lucian Hudson